I had never even heard of GABA black tea before grandtea sent me this sample, and I’ve never even had a GABA oolong, (they also sent me one of those which I’ll be cracking open soon enough) so as far as GABA tea goes, I’m probably not the leading expert. Well anyways, I’m gonna get into tea before you get bored,


You can tell Wilbur was excited for this one

Dry leaf aroma of hay and milk chocolate


I used my relatively young black tea yixing teapot for this one, very unseasoned. Yes, I also name my teapots, her name is Sandy.

In the warm teapot, I get a flurry of spices, warm apple cider and toasty chocolate.

Okay sorry, so many pics. I had good lighting, it snowed. And then it was sunny. Whatever. Anyway. I’ll get to the tea presently,

So all that stuff and pictures happened, and then after the rinse there is an aroma of orange peel, bread, a very deep aroma. Very decadent, with something almost fishy. I’m a bit out of my element here and it’s a bit hard to describe. But the brew is a gorgeous colour:

This is so different from other teas. I mean.. okay, it’s sort of got this deep, dandelion floral, with grass, and sweet, with a sort of tapioca flavour, and some apple cider from the aroma. There’s also a weird accompanying chocolate, that’s more like cooking chocolate than anything, it’s quite drying.

The second steep is more clear, quite chocolatey, lots of apple and alcohol-like taste that reminds me somewhat of gin and tonic.

Honestly after the second steep, I get so much less complexity, so basically the rest of the session had notes of: root vegetables, soapy bitterness, sourness, chocolate, ginseng, apple toffee, but the one thing about this tea is the weird aroma that I have to assume is the uh gamma-Aminobutyric acid. I can’t describe it honestly.

This tea was actually very confusing for me, and while this isn’t something that I’d ever choose to purchase, it was by no means bad. Just sort of weird. It didn’t really have the.. depth and rich thickness I want in black tea.

Product link: here.

Wet leaf:


Goddamn thats a cute piggy tho