Look at me go, all .. having a blog. 🙂 today we’re drinking some lovely Xia Xing Chun,

The dry leaf aroma on this one is quite different, obvious notes of plum over a lot of wood, hay and dry earth, that makes me think of trips to the petting zoo back home. There’s this one clump of dry leaf that oddly looks compressed? Just the one there.


Anyways, as you can see here, these oolong leaves are dark, thin and stemmy, and gorgeously strewn with colour, more open leaves are a purple-reddish colour, with whiter, slightly fuzzy buds.


In the warmed gaiwan, it’s a completely different aroma. It’s like a sweet apple crumble, with notes of peach and blackberry and something I want to say is a “playdough” aroma. Smells just like pie.

I’m brewing at 95C here.

After the rinse, a charcoal aroma, deeply roasted smelling, with fresh pear, cooked apple, and something almost chlorine-like.

First steep: aroma of apple cinnamon is still there, (yay!) the taste is a bit of a roasty, burnt milkiness, lots of wood, very drying, it’s really nice and smooth, and thick, and satisfying, especially in the throat, with a weak, soapy bitterness.

Second steep: A bit of acidity in the aroma, more creamy, thick and juicy. So juicy, throughout the session. More peach, cooked apple, a lovely amount of astringency, and thick oiliness that simply coats the throat in its deliciousness. As the aroma lingers, it transforms into a bit of a tropical fruit aroma, like pineapple and guava.

Early session: tropical fruit enters into the flavour profile, super sweet and thick and oily and juicy, the astringency does creep up and eventually I have to lower the temperature to 90C. Notes of canteloupe, honey, cooked apple, berries, bok choy, apple-cinnamon

Steep 5: I had to give this steep its own header, it tasted a lot like a Tie Guan Yin, the same green florals with citrus, (orange) and honey.

Steeps 6-11: Juicy, thick, sweet, oily still, Notes of orange (lots of orange), honey, nectar, peaches, sugar-sweetness. Lesser notes of tropical fruit, peanut, TGY florals, grape, mango, agave, spices, strawberry, blackberry, whipped cream. Some pleasant bitterness and on steep 8, the qi hit me with a deep calm.

Steeps 12-16: Still thick and juicy, candy sweetness, astringency decreases here, dandelions, sweet nectar.

I don’t really know what this oolong is meant to be similar to, but tonight i went through basically everything I know an oolong can be, all in this one tea. Very enjoyable and definitely a reasonable price for the quality.

Product link: https://www.grandtea.com/Organic_Xia_Xing_Chun.html

I thoroughly enjoyed this Xia Xing Chun. I had the gaiwan full with wet leaf, about 3/4 full with dry leaf. I had a session with less leaf, but it wasn’t as satisfying to me. But I definitely recommend this one 🙂